Bangor Maine Legal Services

Silverstein-Law is a Criminal Defense Specialty firm experienced in the following case types:

  • State & Federal Trials & Appeals,
  • Drug Charges,
  • Firearms Offenses,
  • Sex Offenses,
  • Domestic Assault and other Disturbances
  • Theft & Property Offenses
  • OUI & Driving Offenses
  • Reckless Conduct & Homicide
  • Harassment

Silverstein-Law also represents clients in matters involving:

  • Personal injury,
  • Domestic Matters (Protection Orders, Divorces & Custody Issues)
  • Contract Disputes
  • Business Litigation
  • Power of Attorney
  • Landlord & Tenant Matters 

Federal Prosecutions 

Most Firearms Offenses and many Drug Cases are prosecuted in Federal Court.  If you receive a letter from the United States Attorney identifying you as a "target" or if you have been arrested and charged in federal court, special rules apply.  Federal Court is much different than State Court in many ways, most notably in that there is no plea bargaining in Federal Court.

Because the Federal Criminal System is so very complex, it is critical that you obtain counsel experienced in Federal Criminal matters.  Silverstein-Law has defended cases in Federal Criminal Court for 20 years.

Domestic Violence Cases

These cases can be difficult because the DA usually takes a very firm position.

BEWARE, a Conviction for Domestic Violence will forever prohibit the possession of firearms. 

If you have been released subject Domestic Violence bail condition it is very important to comply with  these conditions as a violation of bail conditions can result in an arrest for new charges and an inability to be again be released.  Any bail may be forfeited to the State.

Silverstein-Law may be able to obtain a change of any unreasonably harsh bail conditions.